Friday, February 2, 2007

poem for a cat...

kitten that became a cat...

cat in repose
sphinx-like, she reclines,
eyes closed - soft, rumbling purr
emanates from within
now she rises, stretches,
and walks across the table
to watch me write this poem
about her...


Hillside Garden said...

A nice photo,have a nice sunday.


Carol said...

Hi Joanne,

thank you for commenting on my blog and I have good news for you, yes you are one of my lucky heart winners, CONGRATULATIONS! :D

You can see what you'll get on my blog now. Please email me your addy to the email-addy in my profile so that I can send to you your prize next week!

Yolanda Elizabet said...


Just found your blog via Carol's. What a lovely kittie and ditto poem.

You've got a lovely blog, with so many nice pics!

I'll come again.