Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sea verse...


the sea goes on forever
gray sky and dark water
meet on the horizon
gulls turn and cry
overhead – adding their music
to the waves crashing below
I watch, and listen,
and feel I've been here before,
if only in dreams – standing
on the shore of forever
there is only the sky
and the infinite sea


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Joanne....
Let it be my privilege to be the first one to leave a comment for you. I know ‘Cup of Kindness’ will very soon be brimming over with comments from friends you will make from the four corners of this world of ours. You will have fun sharing parts of your life whilst enjoying a glimpse into theirs.

I must thank you for stopping by and leaving a message for me today. Its always good to meet someone new From what you said, you’ve now left me wondering what part of Wales you visited recently. I’d love to know.

You chose well the name of your blog, I too remember facing that same question, what would I call my blog and present it to this new world of blogging. It just has to bode well with you doesn’t it. It all seemed a bit scary to me at the time, but now, its like a comfortable cushion I return to daily.

I enjoy poetry, but personally, I’d rather read than write it, so you already have a fan. I particularly liked ‘This is My Song’ and I read this with Wales in my heart.

Now Whitby, your picture is very reminiscent of our little seaside town on a day like today. I like Whitby and I’m a big fan of ‘Heartbeat’ did you encounter this series on British TV whilst over here? Its set in the 60’s, my era!!

If I don’t hurry and get this comment posted I will not be your first blogging friend. Marion

Joanne said...


Thanks for your kind words! When I was in Wales, I stayed at Pantasaph, a Franciscan friary just outside of Holywell. I was in the area for a week, and loved it. I'll likely be posting some pictures I took when I was there. Right now I'm working on a theology degree through the University of Wales in Lampeter. I've not been there yet, but I plan on going for my graduation! Talk with you soon!